Our Mission

  • Reduce governance burdens placed on business
  • Trigger significant reductions in spend via improved information management
  • Provide a comprehensive, integrated, and easy to use solution for all levels of your business
  • Allow business leadership to focus on client service


Burried in papers

Businesses are often overwhelmed by the volume of work necessary just to stay in business. A one-person shop has many of the same regulations and governance requirements as Apple or Exxon, but an incomparable budget. Further, smaller businesses need to highlight spend redundancies as much (or probably more) as Fortune 500 entities. But allocating the resources toward tackling these expensive -- albeit necessary -- tasks draws your time away from bringing in new clients and keeping current ones happy.


We'll take care of it for you. By baking in thousand of hours of research and best practices into InfoPulse, we've greatly reduced the need for multiple SMEs and external hires. The other side of the equation, however, is the collection of data that all businesses need in order to run efficiently. By keeping this intelligence alive within the tool, you can make the sort of data-driven decisions that are crucial to long term success.

How we can help

To sift through mountains of business information and ensure this lifeblood is well maintained and accurate, is resource intensive. We've considered this as well; our team maintain top level credentials in the various disciplines you need, and can bring a wealth of knowledge via consultation. Fortunately, the bulk of 'how-to' is already stored within the application. Utilizing our Business Analysts at business analyst rates to help gather the critical data, in tandem with our easy to use framework, can reduce your intelligence burdens to a palatable cost.