Office Intelligence...

Corporate Governance... Simplified

Integrated technology combined with far-reaching expert knowledge. We provide our clients with a single, efficient way of meeting requirements as well as gathering and maintaining crucial office intelligence.

The Problem

Information and governance requirements in today's business world greatly favors corporate giants, with their divisions of experts tracking and reporting on all regulatory and efficiency needs. But what about the rest of us?

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How can we achieve new levels of client growth and business efficiency when constantly draining resources just to keep the wheels of our business turning? The easy answer is to hire quality staff for each area of need. But that costly expertise typically only applies to one silo. The information they gather then resides within an isolated software tool or spreadsheet, many times inaccessible to others who need it. Faced with multiple spends for various experts, constant new learning curves, and redundant exercises across disparate platforms, many of us choose to neglect these areas. This slippage invariably ends up costing us far more in the long run.

Our Solution

At OFFTEL360, we integrate much of this work onto a common platform, allowing you to derive actionable intelligence without any particular expertise. Minus the complex & expensive overhead of supporting multiple information streams and multiple SMEs, you are free to focus on what matters most to you, delivery of premium service to your clients.